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Services & Support

Services & Support

We have established ourselves in many international markets with our range incomparable range of Decanter products Services. This has been possible with the support of our research and development team which put forward methods to develop the latest and innovative range of products. The entire team consists of engineers, technicians, designers, procurement agents and others, who work with the aim to offer innovative range of products to our customers that will earn their complete satisfaction with modern equipments. We are providing on-site service with art of precision special tools & vibration analyzer to active vibration level after servicing of equipment. Trained employees with years of experience support solutions that are perfectly adapted to customer problems. The technicians and specialists in our Service department are at your side with helpful advice and effective action, anytime, anywhere around the world. Service and customer service at G-Centri-Force are known for their honesty, competence, and speed. These three words aren't just bullet points - they define our obligation to our customers.


We use five state-of-the-art balancing machines to provide balancing capability of weights less than 500 germs up to weights greater than 1000 kg. All rotors are balanced to ISO quality level G-1.0 as compared to typical manufacturers specification of level G-6.3. We can also balance any part to customer specified levels. We undertake Dynamic Balancing of Rotary M/C on various capacity ABRO make Dynamic balancing machines.
Though a Rotor needs only occasionally, but you don't have the right Balancing Machine to do the job. Perhaps the rotor is too light or too heavy, perhaps even flexible. To have a Balancing Machine entails investment. This may present a serious problem. To over-come the problem, we offer Dynamic Balancing Services. This service is ideal for Organizations who are cost conscious and also for a specific job, if the Machine already available in the Organization is not available.
Our staff includes the industry experts, engineers and consultants that have provided innovative solutions on some of the most challenging applications in the world. If there’s a particular rotor that’s the cause of your vibration problem, or if you have a new product and need to determine the ideal balancing requirements, our resources stand ready to assist you with the quality that has been the ABRO standard for more than a century.


Our top goal at G-Centri-Force is long-term customer loyalty, which can be seen from the satisfaction of our customers and is emphasized by our honesty in dealing with our customers. We also make it our goal to prepare customers thoroughly for any eventuality and practical situations. G-Centri-Force also offers customers a number of additional services.


Maintenance contracts with a variety of schedules (from monthly to three-year inspections) are used as a preventive measure to ensure the problem-free operation of decanter centrifuges, separators, and belt presses.


Leasing contracts are available for up to 100% of the purchase price, subject to credit approval within 48 hours. Rentals are also available. However, a testing lab is available to assist you in determining whether a centrifuge is right for your application. The optimum type and size will be recommended.


Technical consulting and support
Commissioning & Installation
Project planning
Machine leasing service


24/7 Service
Personal support
On-site repair service
Retrofitting and upgrades
Maintenance and repair set


  • Increased process efficiency.
  • Experienced, well-trained staff is at your side.
  • Replacement part availability even after decades.
  • Increased service life of machine/system.
  • Minimum risk of downtime of machine/system .
  • Lower replacement part prices than the competition.
  • Repairs by qualified G-Centri-Force specialists and technicians.
  • Customer workshops and practically oriented training for G-Centri-Force customers.
  • G-Centri-Force Service staff are educated with apprenticeships, internal training,
    etc. and that lets G-Centri-Force customers rely on evenly excellent service quality.
Service : On Site Servicing


The Service/manufacturing unit is well equipped with sophisticated range of latest machinery that helps us in developing international quality products such as High Speed Balancing Machine, CNC Turning, VMC Machining etc. In addition, the advance range of machine supports us in effortless execution of the bulk orders. These machines are operated and managed by a team of engineers and technicians, who have a complete mastery over the CAM operations. This helps our team to flawlessly produce the latest range of equipment that is universally in demand. We have also facilities of on-field balancing of Decanter with SKF Microlog Pro.