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G-Centri-Force believes that innovation and quality assurance is key to developing leading machine. We are continuous improve our processes to being our customers innovative quality products and services against centrifuge equipments. To cater to the requirements of Decanter Centrifuge in two phase as well as three phase application, we G-Centri-Force, we established in thereafter year 2008 & we are one of the leading manufacturers and service providers of a wide range of product that are durable and efficient. With rich 8 years in all products experience, set up the company with the aim to provide a complete range of machines and related services been supported by a group of professionals, who understands the requirements of our clients and delivers the products within the stipulated time frame. Some of the exceptional attributes of our company are transparent trade practice, excellent design, low operating cost, effect services, etc. Owing to the maintenance of quality in clients.


G-Centri-Force has more than 18 years of practical experience with the customer problem solving against high performance decanter centrifuges & Separators. With facilities all over the world, we are in a position to provide customers with a superior product, superior service and superior results at any location in India as well as over the word.


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Our capabilities and our knowledge for your success: Decanter centrifuges, in comparison with other types of centrifuge, offer industry by far the greatest application options. At the same time, the decanter is among the most complicated machines in solid / liquid separation. Only a deep understanding of the mechanisms and comprehensive knowledge of processes can ensure the best separation results. With every success story among our customers, our experience grows. We've collected them, along with knowledge and production capacity, for the last 8 years and bundled them into our machines and systems. The result is unmistakable concepts developed for the success of our customers.
The typical G-Centri-Force customer is looking for the best solution for their separation tasks. They think in terms of the future, and demand quality and performance. After all, an industrial centrifuge is often in active use for 30 years. G-Centri-Force Offers complete decanter centrifuge Manufacturing servicing and repairs including complete strip, measure, parts and workshop service which is available for all makes of industries centrifuge including waste water, oil & Gas Industries, Fish & rendering, Beverage & Distilleries, chemicals, Sugar, Pulp & Paper, Our service facilities is including 2&3 phase decanters & high speed vertical disc centrifuge.

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We offer a wide range of machines and equipment that are essential in several industries. The manufactured and procured products have sophisticated features and provide problem free operation. We are the leading service provide against all branded Decanter centrifuge & its Spares.

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We are use high-grade matched stainless steel for all parts that comes into contact with the process, in order to avoid any risk of the corrosion associated with the use of carbon steel. Corrosion leads to product contamination, lack of balance, high maintenance and lengthy down time. Ease of maintenance and minimum down time are important for users of decanter centrifuges. The stressed rotating assemblies and principal components of decanter centrifuges are therefore machined from high-strength centrifugally cast stainless steel. This ensures castings with a uniform grain structure free from flaws and defects as well as a completely weld-free finished component. The results are maximum strength, unparalleled reliability and a long service life. In decanter centrifuges, the optimal choice of materials for each component is crucial for success. Wear caused by the abrasive action of solids affects both the performance and service life of all centrifuges. Our metallurgists identified this wear as the result of low stress scratching abrasion and were therefore able to develop ways of eliminating its effects. All wear-prone areas of Decanter centrifuges – like the feed Outlet zone, solids discharge outlet zone, bowl and scroll – are therefore protected by specially hard surfaces, selected to match the pattern of wear in each particular industrial process. Where solvents or toxic materials are processed, casing seals capable of containing high pressures are required. The types of seals used are determined by the process involved, and the design of the seals needed. Continual refinement of the seal technology used in decanter centrifuges is ensured by our technological resources. This is an area where we are the expertise and experience makes a key difference.

We provide 24/7 customer support.

Please feel free to contact us at +91 7888 0261 76. OR +91 7798 5138 82 for emergency case.

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